Privacy policy

The CUE Student Career Center protects the privacy of the service users.

Character of the data gathered

  1. The personal data provided by the user (name and surname, address, phone number, email address) are treated as sensitive data and are not disclosed to any third parties, companies or organizations. The information are used solely for communication with the users of the SCC service.
  2. The personal data gathered can be used for the purpose of analysing the user behaviour on the website, collecting opinions of the SCC service users for the purposes of the graduate tracer studies or for personalization of the SCC website contents.

Personal data use

  1. The personal data gathered while registration are used for user account authorization i.e. to enable the user to log in to the system (CUE Student / Graduate status confirmation). The CUE service owner will not pass or sell the service user data to third parties.
  2. The Service user personal data will be used solely for the purposes relating to the service activity i.e.:
  • to identify the users while creating the account,
  • to enable the users to apply for job/internship/traineeship offers,
  • sending newsletter (information connected with the activity of the Student Career Centre, and of the Cracow University of Economics),
  • to enable the Employers to post job / internship / traineeship offers,
  • providing the service users with the information about the co-operation within the carried out projects (recruitment events, training and work counselling, meetings with students / companies).
  1. The data gathered while passing correspondence with the users will be used solely for answering users' queries.
  2. If the user has subscribed to the Newsletter or expressed consent to receiving it in another way, their data will be used for the purpose of sending the Newsletter.
  3. The Student / graduate submits their application directly to the employer - through the service. The service owner will not store the application documents of the students / graduates.
  4. In the case of an audit by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data the personal data of the user may be disclosed to the Inspector's employees under the Act for Protection of Personal Data.
  5. In the case of the Terms and conditions infringement, infringement of law or should it be required by the law, the service Administrator can disclose the data to the system of justice organs.

Contact with the service users:

  1. The service Administrator informs the interested users about the organized training events and workshops, meetings with employers, recruitment events, educational programs, and other services provided by the SCC by email.
  2. The service Administrator can also contact the users by phone if they possess information important for the user.

Edition of user data

  1. The Service User has the right to view the personal data provided and to edit them.
  2. A Student has the right to update and change the personal data via contacting the relevant Dean's Office.
  3. A Graduate has the right to edit all personal data in their profile.
  4. An Employer can edit the company data.
  5. An Employer representative can edit the company contact details within the profile of the representative.

The use of cookies

The SCC website can use cookies which are used for the identification of the user's browser while using the SCC website.  The cookies do not contain any personal data.

Personal data protection

After logging in the communication between the browser and the server will be performed following the https protocol (encrypted with SSL certificate). Additionally, the databases are safeguarded against being viewed by the third parties.

Changes to the privacy policy

The service Owner / Administrator reserves the right to change the above privacy policy by publishing new privacy policy on the same website.


Should you have any additional questions concerning the data protection, please contact us at