Terms and conditions on using

 I. General rules

par. 1

  1. The present Terms and conditions specify the rights and obligations of the people using the service (Service)
  2. The service is the property of the Cracow University of Economics (CUE). The CUE is the administrator of the service Users' personal data. The CUE Student Career Centre manages the service on behalf of the CUE (SCC).
  3. The users may be:
    • students of all years of the 1st and 2nd degree, students of the uniform Master's studies, and students of the 3rd degree of the CUE (Students),
    • CUE graduates (Graduates),
    • employers (natural persons and legal persons as well as other organizational units without the legal personality which, meeting the legal requirements, hire employees and are the registered participants in the Service; offering internships and traineeships dedicated to students and graduates of the Cracow University of Economics) (Employers)

- (Users).

  1. The Service aims to inform the CUE students and graduates about the job, internship, and traineeship offers from the employers, pass the information relating to the CUE activity, particularly with the SCC activity, convey information considered by the Cracow University of Economics as relevant in terms of the professional development of the Service users.
  2. CUE does not consent to copying, modifying, spreading, streaming or using in any other way any information and offers published in the Service with the exception of using them as allowed.
  3. Downloading the contents of the databases published in the Service and its secondary use as a whole or its significant part is prohibited.
  4. It is prohibited for the Service users to provide information of illegal nature as well as to use the services provided by the Service illegally, contrary to principles of morality, infringing the moral rights of the third parties or the interests of the Cracow University of Economics.


 II. Registration

par. 2

  1. Through Registration the User accepts all the terms and conditions on the Service use and undertakes to abide by them.
  2. Failing to fill in the fields marked as obligatory leads to terminating the Registration. The fields must contain only the data required in the given field.
  3. Removing the data from the obligatory field results in being deprived of the possibility to use the Service.
  4. Following the Registration the student / graduate gains the right to use the services available within the Service such as:
    • activating and editing own User Account;
    • access to the offer base (browsing, searching, and replying to the job, internship, and traineeship offers);
    • access to the folder with the offers saved by the student / graduate;
    • access to the offer list applied to by the student / graduate;
    • access to the catalogue of employers;
    • enrolling to training / professional counselling and other events organized by the CUE Student Career Centre;
    • access to detailed information on the internships abroad;
    • access to the surveys;
    • for graduates access to the graduate tracer studies survey;
    • activating the Newsletter with general information;
    • access to information and tools relating to professional development.
  5. A graduate who did not activate the account while being a student has no possibility to edit the data and access their account. Not applicable to the Graduates who graduated in 2007/2008 forward.
  6. An employer who has no account in the database fills in the registration form providing genuine data.
  7. Following the registration in the service, the company will have the right to create accounts for its representatives.
  8. Companies in possession of the email address registered in a public domain shall be subject to additional verification by the SCC.
  9. Following the Registration the employer gains the right to use the services available within the Service, i.e.:
    • creating and editing own Employer Account;
    • unpaid posting of job, internship, and traineeship offers in the Service;
    • managing own offers posted;
    • presenting the company in the catalogue of employees;
    • access to the SCC co-operation offer;
    • access to information about the events organized by the SCC;
    • activating the Newsletter with general information.


III.  Personal data

par. 3

  1. Making the Registration the User consents to process their personal data following the safety rules in the scope necessary to provide the services within the Service in accordance with Art. 6, sec. 1 letter a of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the Act on Rendering Electronic Services of the day of 18th July 2002 (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2017 item 1219) by the CUE.
  2. The Service User has the right to view the personal data provided and to edit them in accordance with the following rules:
    • A Student has the right to update and change the personal data via contacting the relevant Dean's Office,
    • A Graduate has the right to edit all personal data in their profile,
    • An Employer can edit the company data. An Employer representative can edit the company contact details within the profile of the representative.
  3. User (Student and Graduate) personal data gathered while registration are used for User account authorization i.e. to enable the User to log in to the system (CUE Student / Graduate status confirmation).
  4. The Service user personal data will be used solely for the purposes relating to the Service activity i.e.:
    • to identify the users while creating the account,
    • to enable Students to apply for job/internship/traineeship offers,
    • to enable the users to use the Newsletter i.e. to convey information relating to the Cracow University of Economics activity, with the activity of the Student Career Centre in particular (information concerning professional development, graduate tracer studies, and the current events at the CUE),
    • to enable the Employers to post job / internship / traineeship offers,
    • to convey information to the Service users concerning co-operation within the run projects, Job Fair, training events, and other events organized by the SCC and CUE.
  5. The Service user (Student / Graduate) can facultatively and by themselves apply for the offers posted in the service. SCC does not submit resumes or any personal data to the Employers.
  6. An Employer who has obtained application documents from the Users (Students / Graduates) in response to the posted offer undertakes to abide by the rules on the protection of personal data and undertakes to use it solely for the recruitment purposes.
  7. CUE does not provide access to the Student and Graduate personal data to Employers and third parties.
  8. After logging in the communication between the browser and the server will be performed following the https protocol (ciphered with SSL). Additionally, the data bases are safeguarded against being viewed by the third parties.

par. 4

  1. The administrator of the Users' personal data in the view of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the Cracow University of Economics with the registered office at ul. Rakowicka 27 (31-510 Kraków).
  2. The organizational unit of the CUE processing the data for the purposes of the Service operation is the Cracow University of Economics Student Career Centre with the registered office in Cracow ul. Rakowicka 27 (31-510 Kraków).
  3. During the Registration, the User can consent to receiving system information and information concerning the services provided to the User by the Service (Newsletter). The User receives the Newsletter to the email address provided.
  4. CUE reserves the right to interfere with the User Account with the aim of removing a problem disturbing the functioning of the Account or of the Service.
  5. The User has also the right to demand for their data processing to be stopped by removing the User account from the Service.


IV. Terms and conditions on using the Service

par. 5

  1. Using the Service is unpaid.
  2. An offer posted on the Service will be visible on the website to all logged users, following the approval by a SCC employee.
  3. CUE has the right to refuse to approve the job / internship / traineeship offer, an ad, information in the news feed or a banner or to remove them for any or no reason.
  4. Following the consent to receive the Newsletter by the User (following GDPR), CUE will be sending contents relating to the carried out activity of an employment intermediary and to the educational activity to the email address provided by the User. In particular, the information is going to concern training, meetings with employers, recruitment events, and carried out educational programs, etc. The consent to receiving the Newsletter can be withdrawn following logging in to the account in the Service.
  5. The information on the subject of receiving unwanted mail and remarks on the contents of the service shall be submitted to the CUE Student Career Centre
  6. SCC reserves the right to ban access to the account (via its deactivation) for any or no reason.


V. Protection of intelectual property

par. 6

  1. The Service and all contents included in it, templates of documents, text and graphic materials as well as IT solutions are property of the Cracow University of Economics and are legally protected by the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act of 4th February 1994 (i.e. J.of L. of 2017, item 880 as amended) or by the provisions of the Industrial Property Law Act of 30th June 2000 (i.e. J. of U. of 2017 item. 776)
  2. Copying elements of the website, information, texts, images or other graphic elements as well as graphic signs posted on the website for public or commercial purposes (i.a. with the aim of using them as a whole, in part or in a modified form on other online services, in other electronic publications or in the material version) without the prior consent of the CUE is prohibited.
  3. CUE reserves the right to alter or correct the information included in the SCC internet Service at any time and without prior information to the Users with the exception of the personal data.
  4. By providing personal data in the Service as well as graphic files and materials, the User grants consent for the CUE to use them in all areas related to the Service operation.


VI.  Liability

par. 7

  1. CUE cannot be held liable for:
    • the contents or form of information posted on the Service by the Users,
    • the substantial contents of the job, internship, and traineeship offers posted on the website directly by the Employers nor for the working conditions offered by them,
    • possible indirect, direct, special, incidental or consequential damages conected with using the Service,
    • the contents of the websites being no possession of the SCC the links to which have been posted on the present Website,
    • accuracy of the data posted by a Student / Graduate in their CV,
    • inappropriate use of the data by the Employer,
    • damages resulting from the breakdowns, errors, and problems or breaks in the functioning of the Service.
  2. CUE uses best efforts for the information posted in the Service to be reliable and complete, however, they do not take any responsibility for the consequences of using the publications and templates in the Service.
  3. A User exploits the information or materials provided in the Service solely for their own account.
  4. CUE cannot be held liable for the physical and legal defects of the offered services or for the consequences of not executing or inappropriate execution of the obligations agreed upon by the Users.

par. 8

  1. CUE will use best efforts for the Service to operate properly.
  2. Should CUE be notified by the office or by any other institution about illegal character of the data provided in the Service, CUE cannot be held liable by the User for the damage caused by making it impossible for them to access such data.

par. 9

  1. CUE is liable for ensuring proper protection of the User data.
  2. CUE is obliged to make every effort for the contents violating the Terms and conditions or contents of illegal character to be removed without delay.


VII.  Final provisions

par. 10

  1. CUE reserves the right to change the provisions included in the Terms and conditions at their leisure, which must be announced to the Users without delay.
  2. The information on the changes to the Terms and conditions shall be announced to the User via system messages sent to the User's email address.
  3. The User can refuse to consent to approve the changes to the Terms and conditions. The User should then inform CUE about this fact via email, address: Sending such information will result in immediately ceasing to provide services for the User by the Service.
  4. Lack of agreement with the Terms and conditions shall make it impossible to create an account.

 par. 11

  1. In situations not specified in the present Terms and conditions, the binding provisions of the law shall be applicable, in particular the provisions of the Polish civil code.
  2. The present Terms and conditions is binding of 24 May 2018.