Student Career Center

Cracow University of Economics ongoing purpose is to educate its students thoroughly in the business field. Student Career Center began operating in order to establish a link between the Cracow University of Economics and the business world. We seek to enable undergraduates and graduates to acquire the required experience in Polish and foreign companies. The knowledge along with the essential experience hopefully make it easier to enter the labour market.

We aim to create a platform between the Cracow University of Economics' students and the companies through:

  • enabling students to gain professional experience,
  • supporting graduates on starting their career,
  • providing companies with dynamic and enthusiastic candidates.

Organising work placements and assisting graduates in finding first job in Polish companies. We cooperate with Polish and International companies,:

The main activities of Career Service are:

  • Organising Job Fair;
  • Supporting employer branding campaigns;
  • Providing job and internship offers date base;
  • Running trainings on competencies necessary on labour market;
  • Managing  - the information service on labour market;
  • Student consulting;
  • Organising company presentations at the University;
  • Organising case studies for students;
  • Managing of the Erasmus + internships programme.


General informations for students and employers:

Internships Erasmus+ Programm:

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