Student Career Center at the Cracow University of Economics would like to offer you an opportunity of online cooperation.

What we offer?

  • posting job and internships offers on our webpage,
  • publishing online handbooks corresponding with career profile of our students,
  • posting articles, news, and videos on SCC’s webpage and SCC’s Facebook fanpage,
  • coordination of webinars and online workshops - support in promotional activities of events and managing the registration process,
  • support in promotion of other Employer Branding activities.

We’d like to encourage your company to:

  • provide an access to an e-learning platform,
  • organize students internships online,
  • organize ambassador programs,
  • conduct informational meetings about online recruitment process to give students and graduates a chance to ask questions about terms and of employment,
  • organize webinars on the departments and opportunities for professional development at your company,
  • take part in an individual online meeting with an SCC’s employee to discuss another cooperation possibilities.

You are more than welcome to contact us with further questions on the topic.

Student Career Center Team


Student Career Center at the Cracow University of Economics would like to offer you a cooperation during the promotion of your Company at our University.


  • Internet promotion campaign through setting information about Your event on the Student Career Center homepage
  • Opportunity to publish job and internships offers on our wide-spread webpage
  • Inscription to training calendar on the webpage


Academy of development

Academy of development is a series of workshops and training sessions targeting the students and graduates of the CUE.  The training is going to take place from November through January and from March through June and is going to be carried out by experts in various fields. Academy of Development involves free-of-charge room rental on the premises of the university, promotion of the event and enrolment for the training following the specified regulations.

Job Fair

The Job Fair has a 14-year history at the Cracow University of Economics and provide an excellent opportunity for promotion in the academic environment of Cracow, form an effective recruitment tool and a platform for sharing information both for students and employers. Next edition – October.


Erasmus+ Internships Programme

You can join to Erasmus+ Internship Programme as The Receiving Organisation/Enterprise and offer a placement for our students or graduates.
Practical information:

  • work placement can last minimum 2 months;
  • placement is financially supported by the University for 3 months;
  • the tasks of the trainee should correspond to the student’s field of study because the internship is done as a part of study programme;
  • institutions from all sectors are eligible as host institutions for a work placement under the Erasmus+ Programme.

All that you should do to employ an Erasmus+ trainee is:

  • briefly describe your company and your Erasmus candidate profile (requirements, duties and expectations) and sign the Erasmus Learning Agreement for traineeships, the key document between student, the home university and the host company stating the contents and core responsibilities of the work placement;
  • provide the trainee proper conditions to work.

After the arrival of an Erasmus+ Trainee, proceed as follows:

  • provide instructions and support to trainee whenever needed;
  • monitor trainee’s achievements and progress;
  • if you wish, offer the trainee an allowance to complement the Erasmus grant, which usually covers only part of the expenses related to travel and living abroad;
  • finally, issue a work placement certificate or letter of recommendation for the student’s home university enabling
  • recognition of the work placement as a student’s individual achievement.

To offer Erasmus+ internship for our students or graduates, please publish an offer in our database after logging.



We hope that our offer will make constant support for promotion and recruitment activities guided by your company.

We will also welcome your suggestions and ideas concerning our co-operation.