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Why Cracow University of Economics??

The intercultural experience is very precious nowadays. One of the methods of gaining such an experience is to study at a university abroad. This article will tell you more about the Cracow University of Economics. Cracow University of Economics (CUE) offers attractive courses for foreign and Polish students dealing with various aspects of the Polish and global economy in fields of marketing and management, economics or commodity science.

Studies at CUE are conducted, as: full time studies, part time studies, extramural studies, with which students are awarded with a Bachelor's degree, Master of Science, doctoral degree (PhD), Master of Business Administration.

CUE offers the following options of study in English for Polish and international students :

- The English Track Program (ET) "Poland-Economy in Transition", interdisciplinary courses, crossing the University's academic divisions, focus on all aspects of the transformation process.

- The International Relations (IR). For the first time, Cacow University of Economics offers
a two-stage studying programme in English for Polish and foreign students. Students have an opportunity to study International Relations at the faculty of Economics. Studies in English consist of two stages:
1) 3 years of Bachelor studies, leading to a Bachelor's degree
2) 2 years of Master studies, leading to a Master's degree
Students of International Relations are able to choose International Business as a minor, they do not have possibility to choose subjects. They are provided with fixed programmes. More information on English study programmes you will find in the web side of International Programmes Office

- CUE cooperates within a framework of many international projects like the Leonardo da Vinci Program, Socrates-Erasmus and Ceepus (Central and Eastern European Projects) and others.

- CUE includes the following semi-independent units: The school of Enterpreneuership and Management, its activities include: teaching, research and consultancy covering areas crucial to a free market economy; The School of Information Technology, conducts information science courses for people on various levels of education; The Malopolska School of Public Administration, its aim is to assist in the establishment of a civil service capable of adapting the working of the public administration to the needs of a democratic civil society.

- CUE has a high standard where sports facilities are concerned (sports hall, swimming pool, sauna and other).

- CUE has many student organizations (sports, scientific and cultural groups associating students of our university).

- CUE is a chance to meet new, interesting people from all around the world.

- Studying at the CUE gives you an opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere of a cultural city where many cultural events are organized, especially for students

- CUE is ranked in third place amongst state-owned universities of economics Poland, according to "Wprost" ranking.

- CUE students are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign employers

- CUE graduates are perceived as being well educated, reliable and open for new challenges

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