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Internship Opportunities in the UK

Free service to students

European Student Placement Agency Ltd are a leading provider of UK based work internships for EU students. To register please visit www.espauk.com


The Overview

Every year, thousands of students in continental European universities are required to complete a compulsory internship as part of their degree course. These interns are educated to a high standard, being close to graduation or post-graduates. They often speak more than two languages fluently and may have experienced work or study abroad on several occasions. They come from a variety of disciplines and are often keen to experience work in the UK since English is usually their second language. The average age of an ESPA student is 22 years old.

 ESPA specialise in finding quality internships for these young people, placing them in companies which, for whatever reason, will benefit with help from foreign languages and cultural awareness. We aim to provide challenging and fulfilling roles which benefit both parties.


What is the duration of an internship?

Internships typically last for an average of 6 months, but can be flexible depending on the needs of the company and the course requirements of the university.


How does ESPA find the students?

ESPA has excellent relationships with many universities, business schools and educational institutions across Europe. These establishments encourage their students to register with us since they trust we will find the best placements and ensure a fair deal for interns. Our agreement with them is that they will send us their best, ensuring we have a steady stream of high-calibre students for businesses here in the UK.


How does ESPA vet the students?

Once registered, a student is asked to send a CV and a Skype interview is booked. This allows ESPA to find out more about their experience, hear their standard of English and gauge how easily they understand English at a conversational speed. On conclusion of the interview, ESPA can go ahead and fit students into roles, or not, as appropriate.


How do the companies choose the right person?

Companies who have expressed an interest in taking on an intern will be passed the CV and interview notes of any students ESPA feels might be appropriate for their vacancy, once the student has indicated a desire to be put forward for the role. The company can reject or choose to interview whichever candidates they think would be suitable. The interview can take place via Skype or telephone. The company can then decide whether to offer the position to a particular candidate or, if not, ESPA will continue to search for the right person.


What happens next?

 Once an offer has been accepted by the student, a start date for the internship will be agreed and ESPA will begin to look for accommodation for the student. ESPA will monitor travel arrangements and ensure the student has all the knowledge and support they need to arrive at work, on time and ready to begin. ESPA keep in contact with the student to offer pastoral care when issues, such as a need for a doctor, arise.


What are the costs?

ESPA charge the host company a recruitment fee. ESPA offer a completely free service to students. The host company also agrees to pay for accommodation and household bills for each student plus commuter travel costs (bus pass etc if necessary from accommodation). The student is typically placed in a professional or student house share with their own private bedroom plus shared facilities for kitchen, bathroom etc. The student doesn’t receive a salary from the host company. Other living expenses are usually covered by an Erasmus+ (or the old Leonardo) grant, which the student organises before taking up the internship.


What if it doesn’t work out?

ESPA students are keen to make the most of their internship experience. The compulsory requirement of their degree course to complete the internship means failure is avoided at all costs! We experience high levels of motivation and a ‘ready for work’ attitude. We expect all students to be punctual, prepared to work but also receive the level of care afforded any normal member of staff (safe working environment, standard holiday entitlement, staff breaks, normal conditions of health and safety in the workplace etc). The student isn’t ‘employed’ by the company and doesn’t come under the normal regulations over HR management.


How do we get started with ESPA?

You can either email us on info@espauk.com, call us on +44 1225 430641 or visit our website and register  www.espauk.com

We will then arrange one of the team to call you and discuss your objectives for student internships in the UK. We ask that all universities assist the students in preparing a CV, in English, to allow us to present them in the best possible way to host companies. If you require advice as to how a CV should be laid out to attract attention and secure interviews please let us know. Start dates come along all the time from host companies but we would be keen to establish early registration of your students to allow us time to find the right opportunity.