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Tesco - Young People Programme

Have you just finished your university studies and want to find some job so you can finally move away from your parents so you won´t end it up like the guy from next door who is still living with his mum in his forties?

Think about the all sleepless nights when you had to study for exams or about the number of parties you had to miss because of studying… Is the ordinary job in bank or in call centrum worthy?

Or are you looking for a window of countless opportunities for professional and personal growth instead where you could meet new friends and experience new adventures?

Would you like to be the one who will make a difference? Then do not blindly follow your classmates, stand out in a crowd and choose Tesco.

We are launching the first year of six months long Tesco Young People programme in commercial team and are looking to hire young and driven graduates who will bring fresh and innovative ideas into our company!

Would you like to…:

·         be the part of one of the biggest team within the company

·         have your own agenda to take care of and not just to make coffee for your boss

·         meet new and new people not only within the company but also from our suppliers

·         make some new friends during trainings, development activities or company´s events

·         communicate with colleagues from other countries in English on a daily basis

·         have an overview about Tesco promo actions so you will know when is the best time to buy new clothes or gifts

·         discuss regularly your development plan and vision with your buddy

·         learn and gain experiences from your own mentor who also grew up with Tesco?

If you are still reading this, you have probably answered yes. Continue in reading to find out whether you also meet our expectations…:

·         willingness to learn new things and exceed all expectations

·         at least B2 English level so you can email and call with your colleagues across central Europe

·         knowledge of excel (you don’t have to be familiar with macro but you should know the basic functions)

·         min. Bachelor degree

·         max. 4 years of job experiences

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